Monday, March 25, 2019

Simple Tricks to Get Google AdSense Approval

Getting AdSense approval nowadays is way harder than compared to the olden days where we used to get AdSense approval with a new website easily! So, in this article, I am going to tell you how you can get AdSense approval very fast on your new blog.

Simple Tricks to Get Google AdSense Approval

What is AdSense?

AdSense is an advertising program by Google with which ads are shown on websites. Generally, AdSense ads are based on CPC and CPM, CPC or cost per click means that you get a certain amount of money for one click on a particular ad. CPM or cost per impression is generally a wide used method which gives you some amount of money per 1000 impressions. Suppose, if your website gets 1000 impressions and on a particular day if the CPM is $2 then you get $2 per every 1000 impressions!

How Much Does AdSense Pay?

AdSense Pay whatever amount you have in your AdSense account every month once your earnings cross the threshold amount. For AdSense, $100 is the threshold amount which can be withdrawn from your account on 21st of every month!

How to Withdraw AdSense Earnings?

Everyone has curiosity on withdrawing their first earnings, right? so there are many methods of withdrawal for the AdSense account but for some countries like India, there is only one method that too a wire transfer. Wire transfer is nothing but an old fashioned method with which amount can be withdrawn to your bank account.

If you don't know how to withdraw money from AdSense, here is the helping article down for you, it is so simple!

How Google Adsense Pays -  How to Transfer it to Bank Account?

Now, let's go to our actual point, How to get faster AdSense approval for your website?

How to get faster AdSense Approval for your website?

You need to do this before you apply for AdSense Approval!

your site should have the following

More than 50 Posts with High-Quality Content

About us

Contact us

Privacy policy

Terms and Conditions


If you don't know how to create them you can check them out here!

Create Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, About Us for your website

After all these conditions are satisfied, you need to generate traffic to your blog, in order to get traffic, just share your site on social media and comment in forums like Reddit, XDA to drive organic traffic, and you should also submit your sitemap.xml file to your Google Webmaster or Google Search Console to index your site over Google Web pages.
If you don't know how to create a sitemap and submit to Google Search Console then here is a helping article for you

Manually Index your posts in Search Console

Once you have submitted your sitemap.xml to Google Search Console, then your blogger posts will be indexed in 1 or 2 days, in these 2 days you have to work on promoting your website over social media and forums to drive organic traffic.

Now submit your website to Google AdSense and you will get the AdSense Approval as soon as possible!

Comment down below if you have any doubts regarding the Approval of Google AdSense!

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