Thursday, March 21, 2019

How to Put Ads In Between Blogger Post

How to Put Ads in Between Blogger Post? This is the most searched question by many of the people on the internet. So, Welcome to in this article I will be showing you How you can embed AdSense Ads inside the Blogger Posts.

how to put ads in between blogger posts

Increasing AdSense revenue depends on many factors like using High CPC Keywords and the best thing about AdSense is you can check many features. Here is the trick which I have used to implement ads on my other site, not on this site. This has potentially increased my revenue by 1.8 times the initial revenue. So, all you need to do is follow these steps

Step 1:

Go to Earnings section in the blogger.
how to put ads in between blogger posts

Step  2:

Select the first option named "Display ads below my posts and in the sidebar"

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Step 3:

Click on the "Save button" That's it this all you need to do, in order to show ads in between the posts of blogger. If you like this article please help by sharing this with your friend.

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