Wednesday, March 6, 2019

How I made my first Rs.3400 using Flipkart Affiliate Marketing

How I made my first Rs.3400 using Flipkart Affiliate Marketing

I have made my first Rs.3400 using Flipkart Affiliate Marketing in less than a month. Affiliate Marketing is the best method to make money online. This is only the fastest way if you want to earn money. I have already made an article on Affiliate Marketing before. You can see it here.

Flipkart Affiliate Marketing

If you don't know what is Affiliate Marketing, let me tell you in a single line. If you promote some product and customer buys it you get some commission, this is called Affiliate Marketing. There are many websites and content providers who provide Affiliate Links. Biggest of all is Amazon Affiliate Marketing or Amazon Associates.

Now let's see How I made $50 using Flipkart Affiliate Marketing

List Of Affiliate Products I Promoted

I have promoted many products which give a good commission. Although Flipkart does not give a lot of commissions on mobile phones, I have promoted other products belonging to fashion etc. Furthermore, I have also promoted some products which I have never bought or seen. By promoting these products, I have made money in less than a month.

How Did I Promote Affiliate Products?

I have promoted every single product over WhatsApp Groups. If you google for WhatsApp Group links you get tons of links. You can join them or either share the Affiliate links to your family groups. The final thing is you need to promote the products or share the Affiliate Products to reach the right customer. My best method is sharing the links over WhatsApp.

By sharing links over WhatsApp, you don't waste your time on promotion of your products and the customer is also not confused. The customer will either click on the link or leave it.

How to Make Customer Buy the Affiliate Product

Making someone to buy a product is a way more interesting thing. There are many strategies on increasing sales in Affiliate Marketing. Every single person has different strategies. I have already promoted Top 5 Strategies in Affiliate Marketing, so do check that out for more information.

Reports of my Flipkart Affiliate Income

Below are the reports of my commissions earned from Affiliate Products from Flipkart

flipkart affiliate marketing

flipkart affiliate marketing

flipkart affiliate marketing

In the reports you can see most of my products does not have more commission but if you keenly observe, Grocery has more than 10% of commission. You need to find out products like Grocery which has more commission. After finding the products you can either promote it on WhatsApp groups or on your website.

WhatsApp Groups are the best way to promote products but if you work on Micro Niche websites, it will help you a lot. Micro  Niche websites target specific traffic so that you get sharp sales or many sales for your products.

For example, if you have started a Micro Niche site on Grocery and promoted your Affiliate Products over there. There will be a good chance for you to trick the mind of the customer to buy it. Most of the entrepreneurs use this technique to make a huge benefit over Affiliate Marketing. Micro Niche blogging is very useful for the promotion of products from Amazon or Flipkart. Build a high-quality micro niche and promote your products there and get most out of the Affiliate Marketing.

Final Words

I hope you guys enjoyed the article. If you have any doubts, feel free to comment down below.


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